AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – It’s the holiday season and for those who celebrate Christmas the topic of whether or not to put your decorations up before or after Thanksgiving has always been a hot topic. So we went to Downtown Augusta to ask some locals what they thought.

Christmas decorations, before or after Thanksgiving?

“Before, one hundred percent. Especially in the year 2021 when it’s just been chaos for about 2 years, people can do whatever they want. If Christmas decorations make them happy, put them up,” said Emily Ann Lively.

“No doubt after Thanksgiving,” said Vance Henry.

“And then you can play all of the Christmas music you want, you can put up all of the decorations you want and have a great time until January first,” said Will McCranie.

“Like the moment the pumpkins hit the trash can, the Christmas tree and stockings are coming out,” said Olivia Carswell.

Christmas decorations, before or after Thanksgiving?

“During, during Thanksgiving,” said Chris Nabholz.

Well, we’ve got a good bit of it up. We still have our little nutcracker collection, that’s not up just yet, but pretty much the trees are all up and stalkings are up, said Olivia.

So you’re telling me that somebody during Thanksgiving dinner, needs to be outside working on the lights.

“Absolutely,” said Chris.

You’re saying that Christmas music can’t even start until after Thanksgiving.

“We’ve got to have some kind of order in this country or nothing is going to work,” said Will.

“Some people like to have their Thanksgiving very fall, still have the pumpkins up and then right after do all the Christmas stuff,” said Olivia.

So on Thursday, who’s getting to eat and who’s gotta go outside?

“I’m cooking the turkey and then I’m going outside and hanging up the lights,” said Chris.

“Mariah Carey’s on, Christmas tree is up, stockings are hung by the chimney with care, we’re living our best Christmas lives at my house right now,” said Emily.

You don’t think that the second that you hear Mariah Carey that you should just start throwing the decorations up?

“Who’s Mariah Carey?” said Vance.

While it may not be Christmas time for everyone yet, people are excited to start the holiday season.