AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) Paleo Num Yums is a meal prep company that specializes in dairy and gluten free food.

Over the past few months, Paleo Num Yums has been transitioning to it’s new business model, the “OPP Kitchen.”

“The OPP Kitchen is a shared kitchen space that multiple food based businesses can work out of and have immediate retail space,” said Owner, Onnie Sanford.

Paleo Num Yums has been around for six years but during the last 9 month due to the economy, owner Onnie Sanford wanted to pivot her business in to something that could not only help herself but others too.

“This kitchen is perfect for food based businesses that either are looking for a brick and mortar but just can’t afford the overhead because that is really expensive or a business just starting out. We have a lot of amenities here that Paleo Num Yums has used, the text alert system, the immediate retail space which allows for immediate profit and of course on demand staffing which is huge,” said Sanford.

OPP kitchen stands for “Other People Prepping” and since the idea came about, businesses from around the area have reached out for the chance to be able to prep and sell their product from one centralized location.

“The response has been amazing. Several food based businesses reached out immediately when I went public saying that they’ve always been looking for something like this. There really hasn’t been anything like this, here in Augusta,” said Sanford.

The OPP Kitchen officially opens on August 1st, and currently there’s 5 businesses using the space. So whether you’re a business looking to try the service, or a consumer, the OPP kitchen will have something for everyone.

“We’re still going to have a grab and go inside the store and with a variety of food. It’s not all healthy, we’ve got some vegan options, we’ve got some street tacos, we’ve got snacks, we’ve got Paleo Num Yums, so it will almost be like a food court type kitchen where you can get everything you need for your entire family under one roof,” said Sanford.