(WJBF) – Some say it’s the new normal. Working from home.

Many of you are doing it right now.

It has some challenges and benefits.

ADP is one of Augusta’s largest employers. Like many companies, some of its employees are now working from home due to COVID-19

Dr Melissa Furman, an Augusta University professor at the James M Hull College of Business is also working from her home.

“I think going into this nobody really anticipated that people would be working from home this long and so people are trying to adjust to a new normal, not knowing how long this is going to last”.

Never in my wildest dreams did I envision anchoring the news from home. My daughter’s old bedroom is now a tv studio. All I needed was a computer, printer, lights and a cell phone camera.

From hard working teacher to tech giants like twitter. Employees in companies across the country are working from home.

“Something I’ve shared with a lot of managers is your employees are not just working from home under normal circumstances. They are trying to find their way through an international health crisis while at home trying to work with a lot of challenges going on around them”.

Challenges like helping your kids learn on line while keeping up with your own job.

Moms and dads are stretched a bit thin. Many say it feels like they’re working 24/7.

“Try to create some boundaries around your day so you can cut it off at the end of your day and enjoy some time with your family.”

Many changes in the workplace may remain even after the pandemic is over.