Lights of the South to be run by Plantation Blood owner

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GROVETOWN, Ga. (WJBF) – The company behind a proposed water park might be in some serious financial trouble.

NewsChannel 6 first told you how Cedar Rock Holdings, the company developing Scuttle’s Island Water Park in North Augusta, is being asked to file bankruptcy by its investors.

Now a lot of people are now wondering if this is going to affect Lights of the South, which is also owned by Cedar Rock.

Even though investors filed a petition for involuntary bankruptcy against Cedar Rock, Lights of the South will be opening for business in two weeks, but this year, there’s a twist.

The popular Christmas attraction will be managed by the owner of the Halloween attraction, Plantation Blood.

“It’s a work in progress. Throughout the whole season we’ll be adding more and more lighting,” Mark Jackson said.

Jackson is co-owner of Plantation Blood.

He gave us a tour of the work being done at Lights of the South to get it ready for the 2016 Holiday Season.

“We’re working on the walking trail right now because last year the walking trail was closed,” Jackson said.

He says he was contacted by the owners a few months ago to clean up the property, but that role turned into a bigger one because of the success of his haunted house, Plantation Blood.

“My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas just because I get to be around my family a whole lot where I don’t get to see them as much around Halloween,” Jackson said.

Despite the shadow hanging over the status of Scuttle’s Island and the company behind it, Jackson says he’s just focusing on this project.

“This is a new venture for me. I was never involved with Scuttle’s Island, the water park, with Benjamin Bell or with any of the investors,” Jackson said.

And because Lights of the South is a holiday tradition for thousands of people in the CSRA, taking it over just made sense.

“I think that the parking is going to be a whole lot better this year and I think the attraction overall is going to be better this year. We’re going to add some different foods and things that we haven’t had in the past. 2016 is going to be amazing, but 2017 is going to be great because we’ll make some big changes,” Jackson said.

Lights of the South will open Friday, November 18th and will run through December 30th.

The former owner, Benjamin Bell, no longer has anything to do with the attraction.

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