Kroger looking to get rid of single-use plastic bags by 2025

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On August 23, Kroger announced that it will phase out single-use plastic bags and transition to reusable bags across its family stores by 2025. 

According to a press release, a Seattle-based QFC will be the company’s first retail division to phase out single-use bags and the company expects that transition to be completed by 2019.

Kroger’s headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia and it is one of the largest retail grocery chains with more than 183 stores, covering Eastern Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia. 

Along with the company’s announcement, there are several other Zero Hunger | Zero Waste initiatives.

Those initiatives are, Kroger’s goal to divert 90 percent of waste from the landfill by 2020 and Kroger’s Zero Zero Hunger | Zero Waste Food Rescue Program. 

Stated in the release by Kroger’s Atlanta Division President, Tim Brown said, â€śAs part of our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste commitment, we are phasing out use-once, throw-it-away plastic bags and transitioning to reusable bags in our stores by 2025,” 

Brown says “It’s a bold move that will better protect our planet for future generations.”

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