WARRENSVILLE, Ga. (WJBF) – Green Energy Biofuel is spreading the word about helping the environment.

The company was recently visited by a group from the University of South Carolina.

“We had some students come down, take a tour of the plant, and show them what we do here, and how we recycle food wastes, and vegetable oil, and everything we can get our hands on in order to produce more product for the biofuel Industry, but also produce an amazing compost product at our re-soil company in South Carolina, as well,” said Head Honcho, Bio Joe.

Larry Cook, the Director of the Office of Sustainability at the University of South Carolina, wanted to visit after hearing about some of Green Energy Biofuels’ recent upgrades.

“We’ve been a partner with Bio Joe for many years just in him collecting spent cooking oil from our campus but also the re-soil composting sight, our dining services, their organic waste is collected and taken out to re-soil and when we heard about the new depackaging system we were interested in taking a look. So we were able to bring a couple of students around here from our zero waste team,” said Cook.

Being able to see the process up close and personal made all the difference.

“We have so many moving parts to how we operate and all the different waste streams that we process and the different ways that we process it, that if I told you we could take a pallet of food waste and throw it in to the machine, and the machine separates cardboard and plastic and then the organics, it sounds good but when you see the machine ripping and shredding and you hear it running, it’s just a different feel,” said Bio Joe.

“It’s great to see the connection and see the things that Green Energy Biofuel has invested in, to really remove a lot of the material from the waste stream and give it to people who can use it again, and just the idea of a machine that can automatically open up packaging, separate it out the recyclables from the material to be turned into biofuels and sent to compost, it’s just neat,” said Cook.

Green Energy Biofuel isn’t done spreading its message and hopes people think of it with Thanksgiving right around the corner.

“We’re looking for everyone’s fried turkey waste to recover as much oil from turkey frying season that is right here upon us during Thanksgiving, but what’s unique and exciting now is that we can also take all that food waste that usually becomes food scraps at the end of a meal or at the end of the preparation for the meal, that would normally just go to a landfill, we’re now able to collect that food waste and give it a second life at the compost site, as well,” said Bio Joe.

So, put your leftovers to good use this year and donate them to Green Energy Biofuel.

“You can find us online at gebiofuel.com and online we have a listing of all the recycling centers we currently support where anyone can bring their waste cooking oil and recycle it. We also have, here at our location here in Warrenville we have a recycling container outside our gate that any owner, or business, or person, that would want to recycle their fats oils or grease, can bring their wastes here. This Thanksgiving season we’re also going to have a food waste collection container outside of our gate as well, to try and introduce this in to this market, of the opportunity to recycle the actual food waste from Thanksgiving were everyone usually has a lot to throw away,” said Bio Joe.

Not only does Green Energy Biofuel want people to recycle but they also want people to stay safe this holiday season.

With the local fire department on hand, Bio Joe shows us the wrong way to deep fry a turkey, and then explains the proper way. Of course when you’re finished, he suggests you recycle that cooking oil and have a fun, and safe Thanksgiving.