AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- With Thanksgiving just one week away, local travelers are preparing.

It’s the season of giving, eating, and traveling. And most folks are taking the opportunity to do just that, especially after going two years without spending the holidays outside of their homes.

Many people in our area will hit the road or take off to visit friends and loved ones this Thanksgiving.

“We have found that there has been or will be an increase in travel this Thanksgiving holiday,” Triple A Spokesperson Montrae Waiters said.  

Despite inflation and record high gas prices, Waiters says people are still gassing up their cars.

“We have groceries, we have car rentals, we have hotels– everything around us is increasing and that also included airfare. So yes, that is another reason why folks are choosing to hit the roads,” Waiters said.

And after adapting to a pandemic, families are ready to get back to normal.

“Last year, yes, we had things opening up but, as you know people were still getting vaccinated and so forth. At this point, most people are already vaccinated now– everything is opened up, so people are really ready to visit family and friends that they haven’t seen for a couple of years,” Waiter said. 

And as for the state of Georgia, Waiters says being prepared is key for traveling this holiday season.

“Here in Georgia, we are expecting 1.6 million folks to travel this Thanksgiving holiday,” Waiters said. 

She says most of them will be driving and the total number of travelers is up from last year.

“Which is like a one percent increase and we’re looking at a two percent increase, overall, travel from last year to this year.” 

Whether you’re hitting the road or flying the friendly skies– close or far– it’s important to make sure your travel plans are mapped out.