Augusta homeowners find sex toy party fliers hanging on mailboxes

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AUGUSTA (WJBF) — Some Augusta homeowners woke up to something a little different in their mail Friday morning.

It happened in a neighborhood off Berckmans Road.

The people there say advertisements and goodie bags for pure romance parties were left hanging on their mailboxes.

“There’s people advertising for a sex party on my mailbox and all my neighbor’s mailboxes,” Larry Lord said.

The goodie bags have a peppermint, a lollypop, a sticker and a business card for a Pure Romance Party.

“Why do I want that at my front door? You know, why do I want you advertising a sex party at my front door?” Lord said.

The Pure Romance baggies were left in an Augusta neighborhood that is near Augusta National Golf Club. It’s an area where many older people live.

“I would never do something like that,” Lord said.

“Do you think any of your neighbors would?” NewsChannel 6 asked.

“No! My gosh no!” Lord said.

The included business card directs people to the Pure Romance website. There you can find dozens of adult products.

“What’s that? I’m not even going to say that on-camera,” Lord said while looking at the site.

Lord says although it’s weird someone left this bag on his mailbox, he’s more concerned about others in the area.

“What if she’s targeting neighborhoods where kids are out and about? That’s wrong. That’s very, very wrong,” Lord said.

We decided to give the local consultant, Crystina, a call.

Crystina tells us Pure Romance parties are not just for sex toys, but for bath and body products as well.

She adds that if people are upset about the goodie bags she left them, they don’t have to worry about her doing it anymore.

“It’s hilarious to me. It’s so stupid it’s funny!” Lord said.

According to the United States Postal Service, it’s illegal to place unauthorized items inside, on or around mailboxes. The items need to have official postage.

Crystina tells us she wasn’t aware of that law.

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