Waynesboro woman living without water for nearly a year, city leaders step in to help

Burke County

WAYNESBORO, Ga. (WJBF) – A Burke County woman has been living without water for almost a year. Now Waynesboro city leaders are stepping in to help.

“I would love to have a bath,” said Julia Lakes.

75-year-old Julia Lakes is using a dishpan and bottled water to shower.

“Well, most of the time, like the little things over there, I use to keep water, and then there are different people who bring me some water, and I’ll also send someone to purchase it for me,” she said.

Lakes has been repeating that routine for 7 months now. That’s because she has no running water in any part of her home.

Lakes says, “The water got to the place where it was slow about coming in, finally it just stopped coming inside. Then when we went out there to check the pump, the water was coming up, but it wouldn’t come in the house.”

Lakes says she spent close to 400 dollars to replace the water pump in the yard.

“Now I don’t even see it coming up to the top,” she said.

She, along with some help from others, finally discovered that she would need to replace the entire water well, which has a price tag of about 4500 dollars.

“I’m unable to have it done, because I’m on a fixed income,” said Lakes.

On top of being on a fixed income, she lives alone and has problems with arthritis in both her feet, hands, and lower back. So she went to city leaders for help.

“Well, she just came to me and told me, she was having issues with her well, and she heard that I was the person that could help her,” said Vice Mayor, James Jones.

And it turned out to be true. Mayor Jones has started raising money to help Lakes, get her water running again.

“And I said well maybe we can set up a GoFundMe account or something and try to get it done. So we went to the bank and established an account at a local bank and went from there,” he said.

So far they’ve only been able to raise 250 dollars, but Mayor Jones says he’ll keep pushing to reach that 4500 dollar goal.

Call the Waynesboro City Hall at  (706) 554-8000 and ask to speak with Mayor Jones to help.

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