There is a new way to get information in Burke County. The Sheriff’s Office now has an app you can download to your phone.

CLICK HERE to download the app or search “Burke County” in the app store and you will find it.

The first tab on the home screen allows you to send tips to deputies quickly and anonymously.

“If you can get a picture of what they are doing and then hopefully the tag number or even just get us the information and quickly number one we can start a response and two we might could use that for investigative purposes,” says Chief Lewis Blanchard.

Chief Blanchard explains why they invested in the app.

“We need to use technology and we believe in transparency and this accomplishes both goals,” Chief says.

Another feature– you can click the wheel in the top left corner and chose “channels” to sign up for alerts.

“Simple weather alerts, traffic alerts, school alerts or all alerts so you might could be notified that a burglary has just occurred and we’re looking for a black vehicle, tag number such and such, if that’s what you want,” Chief Blanchard explains.

If the wifi goes down during a storm, you can still get notifications through text.

You can also click the “School Resource” tab to find contact information for the officer at each school and send them information as well.

“[The app] is important for the schools so people can report any type of anonymous situation whether it is a sexual complaint or whether it is something that they feel might endanger the student body,” Chief says.

Chief Blanchard says the app will allow them to be more connected to the community. Now, they have another tool to get people information and vice versa and that connection helps them do their job more effectively.

“It’s extremely important,” Chief Blanchard says. “This is certainly a 2 way street. It is not just us pushing out information. It’s the public keeping us informed as to what is going on. You can give us suggestions, ideas. You can take a picture of a deputy doing something great and send it to us for commendations. There’s all kinds of things that you can do and we want to do everything we can to stay connected with this community and that helps us.”

Chief Blanchard tell us they receive money for technological advances through the general fund and this year they made the app a priority.