WAYNESBORO, Ga., (WJBF) – Burke County Sheriff’s Office received a $1.3 Million grant  to help reduce youth violent crime within the Waynesboro community. 

According to BCSO, Governor Kemp announced preliminary grant awards totaling more than $83.5 million for 118 qualified projects to improve community-level public safety measures and address law enforcement staffing challenges that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Burke County was one selected.

Sheriff Alfonzo Williams says, “Governor Brian Kemp has spent his tenure working with law enforcement to address violent crime and mental health issues in our communities and he has recognized the importance of helping rural communities like Burke County to address socio-economic issues and inequalities that effect our quality of life. Kemp has pushed for anti-gang legislation and provided training and resources to protect victims. Burke County thanks him for that.” 

Receiving this grant was a significant win for BCSO, law enforcement, community and stakeholders. This helps to shoulder the burden the taxpayers face at the local level. 

In addition to the newly awarded public safety grant, the Bureau of Justice Administration (BJA— Washington, D.C.) will extend our COPS grant that was scheduled to run out in June 2023 for an estimated $200,000.