BURKE Co, Ga. (WJBF) – Burke County Sheriff’s Office is taking a stand against activities that lead to violence after several recent shootings.

Burke County Sheriff Alfonzo Williams is cracking down on party hosts and guests, vowing to keep the community safe.  

“We already saw it as an issue, and now it’s given the appearance that it’s exacerbated,” said Sheriff Williams  “And we’re gonna do everything we can to make sure that those numbers don’t increase over the next two years. ”

Burke County has seen a couple of shootings in the past few days. 

Last Saturday, a shooting occurred at a residence on Claxton Road, leaving one injured. A shooting happened at the same address last July. 

“We’re gonna run down these leads, we’re going to find these perpetrators, we’re going to put out reward money,” said Sheriff Williams. “We’re going to make traffic stops. We’re going to ramp up our efforts to find persons possessing illegal guns, selling drugs, alcohol sales for that matter.” 

Sheriff Williams says the events have not only left people physically hurt, but people who live there are also shaken up. 

He and his team have already begun efforts to help the community heal. 

“We started meeting on the phone on yesterday to plan a strategy,” said Sheriff Williams. “We plan on going into some forced overtime situations, where officers are gonna have to work some days off until we can get some folks hired.” 

Sheriff Williams tells us there will also be a resurgence of their Crime Suppression Team and they will begin having a heavier presence in the city.

“Where we have traditionally allowed the city police to be the primary source there, we are going to work alongside them,” said Sheriff Williams.

Sheriff Willams says they won’t back down from stopping violence.

“A part of love is discipline,” said Sheriff Williams. “My mother used to say, I’m going to get you where you show out at.’ And we’re going to get them where they show out at.”

Sheriff Williams said in a statement that new measures will begin to take place as early as this week.