BURKE COUNTY (WJBF)- Burke County Sheriff Alfonzo Williams is asking county leaders to help his department meet its needs for the upcoming year. 

“Historically, we have not gotten a budget that is representative of our history” said Sheriff Williams.

He presented his plan to county commissioners on Tuesday. Williams is asking for $1.2 Million. He says there are many ways that money can be used.

 “first if you look across the country we’re having a problem with recruiting hiring training and retaining officers all across this country and  it’s due to a number of factors” said Sheriff Williams.

Sherriff Williams says he’s trying to help change the narrative of law enforcement— and these funds will help.

” we are creating a footprint across this country and if we can change the mindsets of some of our law enforcement if we can get them to understand that you’re in this business to serve and not be served then we’re changing the narrative” said Sheriff Williams.

Sheriff Williams also says it’s time to replace tasers and body cams for his officers.

” the courts the public requiring more evidence now more digital evidence you know a long time ago word of mouth from the police officer what it was all that was needed that’s not the case anymore” said Sheriff Williams.

The sheriff says even though it has been a long process to get commissioners to fund law enforcement needs, he is hopeful that deputies will have what they need to protect and serve.