BURKE COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Inside the Burke County Commission meeting, leaders discussed ways to pay for invoices requested by the Burke County Sheriff’s Office.

“And there’s not any money appropriated in the 2024 budget to pay for 2023. It just puts further in a hole,” said Sheriff Alfonzo Williams.

Commissioners are looking at how to pay for this year’s invoices from the sheriff’s office. There was discussion about putting some of the items in next year’s budget. But the sheriff says his department’s attorney says they’ll need to find another way to handle those bills.

“It cannot be done and it’s just highly illegal,” said Sheriff Alfonzo Williams.

Leaders say invoices are usually paid in the current year, but can be put in next year’s budget.

“Y’all have a perfect scenario right now with the 2023 invoices but I can tell you that the accounting principles we would definitely need to record these in 2023 regardless of what you choose with the budget,” said the county accounting manager.

County Attorney Berry Fleming suggested further review of this issue. “I know a little bit about it but it’s not my area of expertise I’m happy to take on any information someone wants to give me about it and I’ll take a look at it.”

Sheriff Alfonzo Williams is also asking commissioners to assist with employee budget cost.