Burgers and Shakes with the Sheriff and Richmond County deputies


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)–  Having a run in with law enforcement usually means trouble, but not today. Sheriff Richard Roundtree and deputies hosted the Burgers and Shakes event at Brookfield Park.

I spoke with Sheriff Roundtree, and he said one of his commitments when he first took office was to build relationships within the community, and Saturday, that commitment was fulfilled.

“Most good people never have interaction with law enforcement unless something bad happens. We don’t ever want to meet people just on their worst day,” Sheriff Roundtree said.

And this Saturday was a good day for the Richmond County community, filled with families coming together to meet our local law enforcement heroes. Shanta Sturgis came out to the event with her family to connect and to eat.

“The Shakes were good. Hamburgers were awesome,” Sturgis said.

Sturgis said she wanted to talk with Sheriff Roundtree. She explained she has reached out to him several times but has not gotten a response.

“It gave my family the opportunity to meet him first hand because we were trying to get in contact with him because we have two siblings who are out here missing,” Sturgis said.

Augusta twins Jeannette and Dannette Millbrook haven’t been seen since 1990. Their case was reopened in 2013.

“We’re trying to meet with Roundtree to find out things about the case and what’s going on and the recent events that took place,” Sturgis explained.

Sheriff Roundtree said after speaking with the Sturgis family at Saturday’s event, he plans to meet face-to-face with them again.

“Having events like this and our community forums gives people the opportunity to say ‘I met the Sheriff, these are some of the concerns I have and your officers did help me, and it bridges that gap. We do get that complaint: I only want to speak with Sheriff Roundtree, and I’m like there is 200,000 people, and there’s only one Sheriff in Richmond County,” Sheriff Roundtree said.

He also said try to give his people who work for him and share his vision a chance to solve your problem. He explained if it goes through all the chains and can’t be solved, he will definitely step in and help.

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