Bringing demolitions in house faces opposition


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Creating an Augusta  demolition department maybe on shaky ground.

The proposal would create an in-house demolition program, instead of hiring private companies to tear down blighted buildings.

One argument is  it would be cheaper but others believe that wouldn’t be the case in the long run.

” Costly how much it’s going to cost the inmates from that stand point we only get x amount of dollars from that asbestos how much are we going to cost for that we have to have supervisors for inmates how much employee level for that this is not broke let’s not try to fix it,” says Commissioner Sean Frantom.

The average cost of hiring a private company to tear down a buildings runs between six and seven thousand dollars.

The city has a back log of more than four hundred structures in line to be demolished, but there isn’t the money to pay for it.

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