Boy Asks For Dog Food Instead Of Presents For His Birthday

Boy Asks For Dog Food Instead Of Presents For His Birthday (Image 1)_26380

Little by little, a little becomes a lot. That is exactly what Mason had in mind for his upcoming 7th birthday party.

“And there was all this dog food scattered everywhere I mean just things, treats, everything all over the floor and on the couch. I called one of my workers and I said where did all this dog food come from? And she said oh let me tell you the story about Mason,” said Shari Watt, volunteer at the Emanuel County Animal Shelter.

After hearing about a litter of puppies left outside the animal shelter, Mason decided he wanted to help. He had a brilliant idea to have everyone bring dog food instead as presents for his upcoming birthday.

“I had been told that there was a child that was going to give something for his birthday, but I just did not realize so much,” Watt said.

Most people could not bring dog food and presents to the party, but Mason told his family… “Well I have too many toys and thought about the animal shelter and that they were actually.. That they might be hungry.”

He may have not changed the world, but to these animals, Mason did change their world. Thru his random act of kindness, of personally delivering food and treats to these animals, he restored more than faith to the staff of this animal shelter.

“He went in to visit some of the animals actually they picked out one they really feel in love with. They are probably going to adopt him,” Watt said.

For his special day Mason was gifted one more thing. His own rescue! That he named Spanky.

What will Mason do for his 8th birthday? He says he has big plans to do this all over again because others should follow his example.

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