AUGUSTA, Ga. ( WJBF) — If a new bill passes, $2.6 million in funding would provide additional security cameras, gunshot detection tools and license plate readers to law enforcement at Augusta University.

“So, we’re leveraging technology to be able to help us make sure we’re providing that safe campus,” AU Police Chief Jim Lyon said.

AU Police Chief Jim Lyon said it would help to enhance security on campus and could also help to create a real – time crime center.

“We hope that they’re going to work in unison through our video management system to help create a real time crime center so that way we can be alerted to crime as it is happening so that way, we can react to it,” Lyon said.

In light of recent violence, some students said the enhancements would be a needed upgrade to campus security.

“I feel like it’s going to be a lot safer for the students to be in a campus where they feel like they’re at home in a way and they know they’re safe. They don’t have to worry about people coming in and shooting and killing people,” Judith Park said.

Lyon said additional security cameras and license plate readers will be proactive measure to preventing crime.

“You create a deterrent to crime, so people think that Augusta University is not the place that I want to come to commit a crime because I’m likely to be caught,” Lyon said.

Other students said additional security cameras could help solve any crimes that do happen on campus.

“Preventative measures only go so far, but we definitely need to know exactly what happened and who did it. That’s my primary concern,” Churchill Mcgreevy said.

The bill needs to be approved in the Senate before moving forward.