Bill Cosby Accusers Speak Out


Atlanta, GA – Their stories are remarkably similar. Twenty-five women are claiming Bill Cosby drugged them and sexually assaulted them.

“It was quite a moment to say ‘finally, finally, somebody is listening’. And now, everyone is listening and knows the truth,” said Barbara Bowman, who has accused Cosby of rape.

“Hopefully, this will send a message to women out there to use their voice and speak up,” said Beverly Johnson, who accuses Cosby of drugging her,

Cosby has never been criminally charged and has strongly denied all the sexual assault allegations, but in a deposition for a civil suit against him, in 2005… Cosby admitted to getting 7 prescriptions for quaaludes with the intention giving them to women with whom he planned to have sex. Cosby says he did give them to other people, but his lawyer stops him from answering who he gave them to, or if they were given without their knowledge.

A deposition is not the same as court testimony…so what does this mean for pending cases?

Legally, not so much. Morally…a lot, and you’d better believe lawyers for the accusers are going to scramble to come up with creative ways under the rules of evidence to crowbar this information into a civil suit,” said legal analyst Danny Cevallos.

Some of Cosby’s accusers say, just being believed…is a cause enough for celebration.

“I feel vindicated, I feel validated for all 48 of us that have stood in our truth and said, ‘yes, he indeed drugged me and yes he indeed raped me’,” said Patti “PJ” Maten, who accuses Cosby of rape.

Cosby’s spokesman says, “we have no plans to issue a statement”.

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