Best political ad of 2016? Candidate’s wife pleads for his re-election

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AUSTIN, TX (CNN) – Gerald Daugherty is one of thousands of candidates running for various political offices this election season. But his television ad is unlike any other and has made internet stars of his wife and him.

Daugherty is running for re-election to the commission in Travis County, Texas, which includes the Austin metropolitan area.

In a year in which most political ads involve some sort of attack on a candidate’s opponent or their policies, Daugherty’s ad goes in a complete different, self-deprecating direction.

The ad starts by showing Daugherty and his wife doing the dishes. She stares into the distance as he talks about the cost-per-inmate at the local jail.

“Gerald doesn’t really have any hobbies,” she deadpans into the camera.

During the rest of the 60-second spot Daugherty is seen boring dinner guests by talking about tax policy as his wife looks on. Finally, as the two are doing laundry he says he enjoys helping out around the house and might want to do it more.

That’s when the ad concludes with her begging into the camera, “Re-elect Gerald to the county commission. Please.”

The ad has been featured on virtually every major news network and has gone viral online.

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