Behind the headlines: A look at the Trump Administration

The Means Report - Behind The Headlines: A Look At The Trump Administration graphic
The Means Report – Behind The Headlines: A Look At The Trump Administration graphic

Augusta, GA — From Russia to wiretapping to Ivanka’s role in the White House, Augusta University  Political Scientist, Craig Albert, joined Brad Means on the set of The Means Report to discuss the first few months of the Trump administration.

There are a multitude of topics making headlines, but one that has many talking – especially the late night shows – is President Trump’s use of Twitter. As Dr. Albert explains, though, while some feel the president should be more precautious when using the social media site, the concept is nothing new.

“His fans, his base, absolutely love it. And in political science there is something that we call for the powers of the presidency ‘informal powers’, and part of that includes going public – the ability to go public over the media for instance, over Congress, over their own staff and administration – to communicate directly to the public,” Dr. Albert shares. “This is a huge power. Ya know, it started with FDR and the bully pulpit and the fireside chats. This is just an updated version of fireside chats, so he has direct communication with the American people. He wins by using Twitter.”

Dr. Albert also weighs in on the unconventional role President Trumps daughter, Ivanka, is playing in his administration. Plus he addresses the outlook for the selection of the next Supreme Court justice, the United States’ relationship with North Korea, and the role Russia played in the presidential election.

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