LINCOLNTON, Ga. (WJBF) — A Lincolnton neighborhood is on alert after a bear was spotted multiple times. Lincolnton Police Chief Brandon Lively says there have been four or five bear sightings in the city this month. Ron Burgess’ family saw it twice

“I was heading in to work one morning and left my house right outside of town,” Burgess described. “The bear ran across the road in front of me. About two days later, my dog was growling at the back door. My wife looked out, and it was out by our storage building. It took off running toward the neighbor’s house.”

Burgess describes the animal as a black bear that was the size of a “large dog.” He says he saw it in the area near Wallace Wells Circle and Kelly Street.

Charlie Anderson lives in the same neighborhood. He believes his Goldendoodle, Chevy, was killed by a bear earlier this month.

“I came home, and the dog had been on the back porch,” Anderson explained. “He was looking down. I knew something was wrong with him. I got him in the house and took him to the vet. He was lacerated. He had deep wounds. He ended up dying a day later.”

Anderson went back to his yard and found large paw prints in the area his dog was attacked.

“My dog’s pretty big, and he took a good beating.”

Neither the Lincolnton Police nor the Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was able to confirm this was a bear attack. I.B. Parnell, a DNR wildlife biologist, says it is uncommon for bears to attack humans or domesticated animals, like dogs or cats.

Chief Lively says there have been no reported bear sightings in the past week.

“We have set up multiple game cameras, and we have not had anything on the game cameras as far as bear activity or any other animal activity in the area.”

Bear safety tips

  • Keep trash can lids closed. Keep trash cans close to your house
  • Do not leave dog or cat food outside
  • If a bear is seen in your area, keep bird feeders inside for a week

More safety tips can be found on BearWise.