Barnwell Police warn residents of two potential scams


BARNWELL, S.C. (WJBF) — The Barnwell Police Department is warning residents of two potential scams looking to take your cash and personal information.

The first is a scam involving Dominion Energy.

Officials say the con-artists are telling Dominion Energy customers that their accounts are past due. The person threats to have the utilities cut off if the customer does not purchase a Green Dot or similar card to pay the amount to them directly.

Dominion Energy will not call demanding payment by Green Dot or a similar card. Also, prepaid cards are virtually untraceable by law enforcement.

If you have questions about someone claiming to be a Dominion Energy employee who contacts you, please check with your local Dominion Energy office to verify their story.

The second scam is “currently happening in the Upstate region but may make its way down to us,” officials said. It involves someone coming to your home claiming to be with the “Department of Home Affairs”.

You’re asked not to speak with them and contact law enforcement while they are still at your house if safe to do so.

They also may have official-looking documents, but they are fake.

“The people are obtaining personal information claiming it is for making sure the victim is registered to vote in upcoming elections. They are stealing identities as well as casing houses and returning when homeowners are away to burglarize the home,” officials added.

Meanwhile, the “Department of Home Affairs” doesn’t exist in the United States.

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