Barnwell police investigating two shootings that happened over the weekend


BARNWELL, S.C. (WJBF)- Police are investigating after two people were shot last weekend in the Peachtree Gardens neighborhood in Barnwell, S.C., about an hour southeast of Augusta, Ga.

Terrie Allen says one of the shootings happened just down the road form her.

“Me, my daughter, and my four grandboys…we were laying down on the floor,” she said.

Then she was hit with another shocking surprise.

“We came out, and that’s when I found out my cousin had got shot,” Allen said.

She says the neighborhood hasn’t always been dangerous.

“It just started getting violent,” she said.

That violence makes her nervous for her grandchildren.

“It could’ve been my grandbaby,” she said.

The victim Saturday night never even called the police. They learned of the incident after he admitted was to the hospital.

The victim told investigators it happened in the Peachtree Gardens Neighborhood. He also said that he knew who did it. He said the weapon used was a .45 caliber pistol.

But that’s about all police know.

“Something needs to be done about the violence,” Allen said.

On Sunday night, police were called out to the neighborhood after another shooting.

Several people were in the room where their young man was shot, but none of them, including the victim, wanted to give details.

In the meantime, people like Terrie Allen are nervous for their safety and the safety of the neighborhood kids.

“I hate to see any kid that [is] laying there in the road that can’t [defend theirself],” she said.

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