AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF)- We usually hear about notebooks, pencils, and bookbags being given to students to help them prepare for a new school year. that did take place, but this time around vaccines were offered as well.

“I feel okay,” said Jonathan Stephens.

Jonathan Stephens just received his first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. This year he’ll be an eighth-grade student at Grovetown Middle School. But the upcoming school year will be different because he spent most of his 7th-grade year online.

“Electronically, it’s just very hard, when you don’t have anybody there to teach you,” said Stephens.

Stephens says he’s ready to get back to face-to-face learning and his mom Kimberely Stephens says she’s more confident about this year, especially since her son has extra protection.

“I want him to be protected and those that he’s around. I think that the vaccine is good and it’s preventative,” said Kimberely Stephens, Jonathan’s mother.

Jonathan received his first Covid shot at the Augusta Worship Center. The church gave away 100 book bags packed with school supplies. They also offered the Pfizer vaccine for kids and adults.

Jay Johnson serves as pastor at the Augusta Worship Center. He says some of his congregation expressed concerns about kids returning to the classroom.

We specifically chose Pfizer because it allowed children that were 12 and older to actually receive the vaccine, we’re going to be offering the 2nd dose on August the 28th. I think people are more comfortable now that the schools are putting in the right protocols and they also have the infrastructure to keep the kids safe,” said Jay Johnson, Pastor.

In North Augusta, there was another back-to-school giveaway. Parents there say they are more confident about this school year.

“I’m nervous, but I work in the school system, so I have full confidence that they’re doing what they can to prevent what they can and being as careful as possible,” said Lilian Jernigan, mother.