NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF)- “It’s terrible we have a lot of mothers that are coming in to get formula especially WIC mothers that get all of this formula for even months at a time, and we can’t get any of it ” said Jessica White, Parks Pharmacy

Baby formula is off the shelves at almost every grocery store across the U.S.

But, what some parents don’t know is you can still find formula at your local pharmacy like Parks pharmacy in North Augusta.

Jessica White works at Parks Pharmacy in North Augusta and says even though they are also short on supply, the business owners try to keep special formula available for parents that who need it.

“Typically, were able to order stuff that sometimes Target Walmart CVS might not be able to order, and we try to get it for you as quickly as possible we’ll be a little bit more helpful when able to order for you as you need it” said White

Camela Pilgrim has an infant and says she is thankful the supply shortage doesn’t impact her baby because her child he receives a specific formula from the doctor.

“Thankfully that one is not one of the ones that affected however it it was we would be in big trouble because he can only have certain formulas as it is ” said Pilgrim.

White says parents come in the pharmacy often looking for other resources for baby formula when the one they need is not available.

“They’re having to go to the doctors have their prescription changed get different formulas even at that it’s hard to find the formulas they need when they’re changed” said White

She also says if parents are able to get their hands on baby formula it’s best to get the amount your needed but leave some for other parents.

It’s not certain of how long the supply shortage will go on but parents and pharmacists are hoping more formula will be able to get back on the shelves soon.