Author talks about his young son’s battle with cancer

The Means Report: Author Talks About His Young Son's Battle With Cancer graphic
The Means Report: Author Talks About His Young Son’s Battle With Cancer graphic

Augusta, GA — It is enough to shake any family to their core — discovering your son, at the mere age of seven, has Acute Myeloid Leukemia. In his book “Possibilities: Perseverance, Grace, and the Story of One Family’s Life With Leukemia”, Turner Simkins shares his own family’s four year battle to save their son, grandson, and brother — Brennan — and the hope that emerged in those trying days.

For Turner it started off as a blog — a way to keep friends and family updated as his young son battled a catastrophic disease that threatened to take his life. The daily writing and updates allowed Turner to express his feelings of hopelessness, of fear, and of vulnerability. He shares memories of those days at St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, a home away from home as Brennan received treatment after Turner and his wife gave up their jobs to make the move to Memphis, along with their two other sons. Their lives revolved around saving Brennan.

“Possibilites” chronicles their journey through highs and lows of the family’s battle, and the moment where they actually told Brennan “good-bye” only to be given another chance. As Turner writes, “when put face-to-face with the impossible, ‘the possible’ begins to erode.”

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