Augusta’s new illegal sign rules need clarification


AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) It’s a problem the city continues to wrestle with, illegal signs in the right of way.

there fewer of them right now after Code enforcement officers and the Marshal’s office conducted this sign sweep, picking up illegal signs in the right of way.

“We are sending a message I believe we picked up at least 50 signs so far just from this group but I predict we’re going to have more to come,” said Code Enforcement Manager Terrence Wynder.

That’s what Commissioners wanted when they changes the city ordinance so signs in the right of way are treated like litter, with the idea that violators would get tickets. , Commissioners want the signs gone, but are questioning if the new ordinance is the best way to do it.

“I think we need a bit of clarification in our litter particularly with the signs I think there’s a little bit of confusion I think we need to get it worked out,” says Commissioner Sammie Sias.

What needs to be worked out is the Marshal office role the ordinance calls first a warning then a progression of higher fines on the second third and third fourth offense, but under the new code the Marshal office says it’s can be involved until later in the process.

“We can’t actually right a citation up until that fifth offense there’s not a mechanism for us to charge through businesses license fees and things like that licensing can do,” says Marshal’s Office Chief Deputy Scott Peebles.

The ordinance needs some changing? you think, well from there point of view it does I don’t think we had enough time to see if this would work or not it’s what ever the people want,” said Wynder.

Wynder says Code enforcement will continue to enforce the ordinance as written and will work the Marshal’s office, but next week Commissioners are expected to vote to give the administrators office 45 days to review the new ordinance and make recommended changes.

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