AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — A new exciting, and elegant program for young ladies and young men in the CSRA is coming. Augusta Youth Debutante Society is now accepting membership. And joining me today to talk about the is

Founder Commen Gunn joined weekend Good Morning Augusta anchor Shawn Cabbagestalk to talk about it.

Shawn: So let’s get right to it. What exactly is the Augusta youth debutante society?

Commen: It’s a stepping stone for young ladies who are not at the age where they could be debutantes. It’s a stepping stone to get them to the point where they can be debutantes. It’s gonna have the same classes, but I saw a need in the CSRA for the young girls, the young girls have nothing to do. They have nothing to look forward to. So I decided with my daughter to do this society and it’s just going to be something that’s new and exciting.

Shawn: So let’s talk about the membership. So what does the membership entail?

Commen: The membership it’s $55 for the application fee. The membership is gonna be a series of classes where they take dance to learn how to do the dances for the cotillion. We’re gonna have a segment for boys it’s called Kings raising and Kings. It’s a six-week program. They’re going to learn everything that the girls learn, etiquette table manners. They’re going to learn everything that they need coming from men like you. Once we teach the boys the way to go, then they, we know what to expect from them. But now it’s like their Augusta doesn’t have a lot of things for them to do. So for this class, a lot of guys, boys now, don’t even cut grass.


Commen: They’re on Roblox and we’re gonna have this class for guys to really learn how it is to be a gentleman, to be a man, to know how to pull up their pants. And you know, it’s just gonna be very exciting,

Shawn: So I guess you would say something like your grandmother would probably teach you how to be a man.

Commen: Exactly. My grandma, she’s 98. Yeah. She’ll be 98 tomorrow.

Shawn: Happy Birthday.

Commen: And she would still teach them how to be a man.

Shawn: I like that. Going back to the dance. So will you be teaching the dancing part of it?

Commen: No.

Shawn: Because I was gonna ask you to give us an example. What you’re going to teach the ladies.

Commen: No, Mr. Cabbagestalk, I will not be the dancer instructor. We, we have several people that are working with the debutantes that are gonna teach the girls, you know, I’m not gonna let them do the walls cuz that’s the enjoyment of being a debutantes. Mm-hmm but they’re gonna do some cute little okay. Cute little debutantes.

Shawn: So I hope you’ll send some pictures and videos when you guys start performing.

Commen: Yes, we will. I hope y’all can send somebody else so yet they can be there so they can see our, our continuing cuz. It’s gonna be epic.

Shawn: That’s I like it. Epic one

Commen : For the books.

Shawn: So how can families register for the Society Augusta Youth Debutante Society?

Commen: and y’all can also visit our Facebook page. It’s at Augusta Youth Debutante Society.

Shawn: We had definitely made sure we have that on the screen and our website, So we were talking about the cotillion that’s coming up in the spring. So tell us a little bit more about that.

Commen: It’s gonna be at the AU Maxwell Performing Arts Center. So we’re gonna have it there. It’s gonna be on April 29th. It’s gonna be beautiful. We have all our props. Everything is getting in the works now I’m not the last-minute type. So I definitely have to get things going quickly. So it’s gonna be beautiful. It’s gonna be open to the public as many people that can fill that performing art center. So it’s gonna be something good for the kids, but it’s gonna be epic.

Shawn: Yes. epic.

Commen: We like epic Shawn. We like epic.

Shawn: Yes we do. So Commen, anything else you’d like to add before I let you go?

Commen: I think that if y’all come out to registration, the registration is going to be at the public library in downtown. It’s gonna be from 12 to three. All information will be available that day. So that’s June 25th from 12 to three.