AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF) – Walker Street is quiet now but that wasn’t the case on several occasions during November and December.

“They start seven or eight in the morning and didn’t finish until nine thirty or ten thirty at night and how would you feel if they made a movie in front of your house.”, said Deborah Freeman who lives on Walker Street.

Deborah Freeman lives across the street from the house that was used to shoot scenes for a new movie, called The Hill.

Freeman says the production blocked the street, blocked trash collection and her mail, and it all came as a surprise.

“We were never informed, just a big set up and you just had to go however you could to get home,” Freeman said. 

 Film Augusta has guidelines for moving making in the city and one of those is to notify business and residents affected, and officials say that happened on Walker Street.

“The production wrote a letter, that they were going to be in the area for about five days and they do what we call papering the neighborhood, so they go door to door, and they put these letters of notification on property owner’s doors,” said Jennifer Bowen. Film Augusta’s Liaison.   

“They did not notify me, and they didn’t notify the other homeowners if they did, I wouldn’t be on this TV,” said Freeman.

Freeman says the film’s star even parked his RV in front of her house blocking the driveway, “Dennis Quaid slept in front of my house.  

“He parked his car?”  

“His RV,” said Freeman 

“In front of your driveway?“ 

“In front of my Driveway,” said Freeman.

Freeman says she wasn’t compensated for her inconvenience, and she doesn’t want show business to show up on her street again.

Bowen admits Freeman’s driveway was blocked by the RV but says that was quickly corrected. Freeman is scheduled to take her complaints to commissioners next week.