Augusta woman involved in previous unlicensed care homes arrested

WJBF Staff - AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) - Another unlicensed personal care home in Augusta has been shut down and it's alleged owner is facing a number of charges.

Maxine Donaldson was arrested and charged with Felony Unlicensed Personal Care Home, three counts of exploitation of a disabled adult and one count of neglect.

Donaldson had previously had her license to own a PCH revoked in August of 2017, following her an arrest for exploitation of a disabled adult. She was found to have stolen more than $27,000 from an Alzheimer patient at Shavonna's Place of Care.

C.A.V.E. (Crimes Against the Vulnerable and Elderly) investigators found that Donaldson was running an unlicensed care facility at a home on Belair Road.

Inside, they found a number of disabled residents, one of which was stated to be a caregiver.

Across the street, investigators found Donaldson in a separate building with another disabled man.

Officials say Donaldson was in the process of opening another home using the name of one of the disabled adults and her daughter to get around the State licensing system.

Investigators also determined that at least two of the victims were taken from Shavonnah's Place of Care. They were placed in the new home when Donaldson's license was previously revoked.

This incident is connected to last week's arrest of Randy Gaitor, a man charged with running another unlicensed care facility on Wrightsboro Road.

Inside Donaldson's care home, C.A.V.E. investigators found hundreds of pages of documents, files and personal information belonging to the victims in the Gaitor home case.

They also learned that a number of victims were transferred to Gaitor's home from Shavonnah's Place of Care.

$8000 in cash was also found on the property.

The case remains under investigation.

Count on NewsChannel 6 for the latest details in this as they become available. 

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