Augusta, GA – An Augusta University professor sat down with News Channel 6 about the terrorist attacks ISIS claimed responsibility for in Belgium.  Craig Albert, a local terrorism expert said the deadly incident performed by the Islamic extremists is a recruiting tool and fear tactic.

“The more attacks they have, the more recruits they get it’s this vicious cycle,” said Albert, an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Augusta University.

Albert described ISIS as a group that even Al Qaeda considers extreme.

“These are people just heading to work and all of a sudden these bombs go off,” he said.

The death toll climbed all morning for those people watching from the United States and so did the injured list reaching more than 200.

Albert gave two reasons for why ISIS attacked both the airport and metro system in Brussels.  He said the incident is directly related to the main suspect in the Paris attack.

“He had knowledge about these plans that were going to happen in the future and he’s cooperating with the police,” he explained. “The police had said he’s cooperating with the them, so I thing that was a tactical mistake by Brussels authorities, by Belgium authorities. People that knew he knew about their plots up the time to go ahead and make it happen so that they couldn’t be disrupted by the Intel that the terror suspect was providing or it’s in retaliation for him being arrested.”

Albert said there is not enough intelligence to link the attacks to Holy Week, but more Christian populations such as Rome is on the ISIS short list.

As for whether Augustans should worry, he told News Channel 6 not a chance because that’s what the extremists want.

“Part of terrorism means that they disrupt the way you normally operate your country, your regime, your citizens. So, if we for instance stop going out to the mall because we’re afraid of being trapped in a terrorist attack then that means that they just had a propaganda victory. They didn’t even do anything they just prevented us from acting the way we usually act as Americans.”

Albert also mentioned that it is easy to travel throughout Europe and that could have made it a target.