Augusta University 1 of 3 Georgia Institutions to offer Cyber Security Master Program


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia approved Augusta University’s proposal to teach Cyber Defense at the Graduate level.

Augusta University is now 1 of only 3 institutions in the state of Georgia to offer a Masters in Cyber Security. The C.S.R.A. Cyber District is creating a need for that type of education to feed a growing workforce.

Augusta University Cyber Institute is little over a year old, but its making big strides in the academic world.

“Oh it’s a tremendous day for Augusta University and this entire community,” said A.U. Cyber Institute Director Joanne Sexton. “This is our first Cyber Masters.”

The growth from the Cyber Center of Excellence and Future Cyber Command is making Augusta a hot stop for technology. This puts the “Home of the Jaguars” in the center of all the action.

With a Cyber Security Masters Program the institution can train ‘Cyber Soldiers’ at the same level as the U.S. Army. Plus the Cyber Institute is backed by the Department of Defense and National Security Agency. A big selling point for some potential students.

“I do know that my boss, her son is actually looking into it. So he’s thinking of coming here for that reason because I think he heard about the program,” A.U. Communications Major Taylor Rutledge told WJBF NewsChannel 6.

Many students like Rutledge chose to attend Augusta University, while their families are stationed at Fort Gordon. The A.U. Senior says the cyber presence on campus is going to further connect the school to the cyber world around them.

“I think it will be nice that they are able to have a conversation with their parents. That they can connect with each other,” Rutledge said. “Like hey dad there was this cyber thing that was going on campus today and he was like oh yeah the same thing happened at my job.”

The Cyber Institute Director says she sees Ph.D Programs in the Cyber Institute’s future. However, as a public academic health center a big focus is going to be placed on healthcare security.

“We do have a medical school. A working medical hospital. We are the Dental School of Georgia,” Sexton said. “Not enough work is being done in Cyber Security and definitely not enough work is being done on healthcare security. So we feel we have a big role to play in that area.”

The official ribbon cutting of Augusta University Cyber Institute is going to be held next month on September 16th.

By the end of September or beginning of October people can begin to applying online for the Cyber Security Masters Program.

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