Augusta Transit users wait for more than just bus


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) James Williams left the V.A. and then headed to the bus stop across the street to get a ride to do some shopping.

“Well today is not so bad if it doesn’t rain but last week it was cold really cold,” said Williams.

Williams wait would be more comfortable if there was a shelter he’s heard about the shelters the city received from Jacksonville

“Are you wondering what happened here?

“Yeah I thought about it last week real hard,” he said.

It’s been nearly 9 months since three dozen shelters arrived from Jacksonville, but they sit in storage instead of at bus stops.

“Inclement weather, you’re standing outside, no shelter it’s ridiculous, they’ve discussed this at least a year,” said Franklin Johnson,

Some Augusta commissioners also are growing tired of waiting for the shelters to get on the street.

“We need to put something out there for people to get in these last few weeks it told me it wasn’t fit for man or beast to be out there in weather like it was,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

The plan was never to take the shelters straight to the street the plan was them refurbished    but the first proposals were not satisfactory so the city will try again.

“Again until we’ve got a responsible bid that gives us all the information that we need we wouldn’t go forward with it until we make sure we’re able to do it right,” said Transit Director Pat Stephens.

So riders will be waiting for more than just the bus.

“It’s always taking too long, something like that should be the number one priority,” said Williams.

The Jacksonville shelters will not be in place while Pat Stephens is Transit Director Friday is his last day; he’s leaving for a new job.

I asked if he has a timeline when they will be in place he says it wouldn’t be fair for him to say, so he said he’s going to let the next person who steps into the position make that call.

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