AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Two Augusta teens are making headlines by doing something kids used to do all the time- going outside. The boys spend most of their free time herping— and are getting noticed on TikTok for it.

Between the two of them, Tim Holland and Ro Smith have nearly half a million followers and more than 4.5 million likes. In all of their videos, they are out herping at the canal or the river.

So what is herping? It’s short for herpetology.

“It’s the process and studies of reptiles and amphibians. You just go out and look for them,” explained Holland.

Timothy Holland and his friend Ro Smith have been friends since middle school. Now, they are seniors at Lucy Laney High School and they said they have been herping together for a long time.

Tim Holland (left) and Ro Smith (right) looking at a juvenile snapping turtle near the Augusta Canal.

“He actually got me started doing it,” said Holland.

“I got Tim started. I’ve been doing it since I moved down here. And then Tim told me he was interested in animals. I was like, oh you should come over sometime,” Smith said. “And probably one day, and then the one day started to us coming way more.”

“Yeah, it was like we was coming out here every day,” Holland replied.

The guys go out to a waterway– usually the canal– and just start looking for animals. When they find them, they try to catch them. If they do, they make a video of the animal and explain what it is.

Holland and Smith looking for animals.

They said their interest in these creatures may become a career.

“Is this something you guys want to do for a living? Are you planning to go to college and study biology?” asked NewsChannel 6’s Kim Vickers.

“Yeah, I’m going to college. Herpetologist, biologist, zoologist,” answered Smith as Holland nodded.

They explained that their families are supportive of what they are doing, but their friends aren’t sure what to think about their favorite hobby.

“They say…they think we’re crazy to be honest. They think we’re crazy. But, it be all love to be honest,” laughed Holland.

They have some advice for their younger followers who may be interesting in herping too.

“Stay safe, for one. Don’t pick up nothing, especially if you don’t know it. I wouldn’t recommend them to come out here unless they with a parent. And start in your back yard,” Holland said.

If you want to see these guys in action you can just follow them on TikTok.



Photojournalist: Reggie Mckie.