AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — You could soon see more Augusta locals behind the scenes on movie sets, as Augusta Tech partners with Georgia Film Academy.

The partnership means Augusta Tech students will now be able to take courses to help prepare them to become a part of the film industry.

The courses would prepare students for high demand film jobs like scenic production, postproduction, lighting and grip work.

“Georgia Film Academy is really all about getting people into the industry by giving them the education that they need and an internship that they need,” Film Augusta liaison Jennifer Bowen said.

Augusta’s growing film industry includes four feature films including ‘ The Hill’ starring Dennis Quaid being filmed in Augusta this year.

Augusta Tech President Dr. Jermaine Whirl said the courses would also help grow the local film workforce in Augusta.

“It’s a big recruiter of films because they will ask how many local talents are available to do this film and if they don’t have to bring folks from Chicago, New York or Atlanta that puts us in a great landscape to be competitive to get larger films,” Whirl said.

Bowen said Film Augusta has had interest from major companies like Netflix, DC and Marvel.

Growing Augusta’s local film workforce would also mean growing the local economy.

“When a local has a job then that means that they receive a paycheck, and that paycheck goes toward their rent or mortgage and so all of that money goes directly back into our community,” Bowen said.

Classes are expected to start in January.