Augusta seeks state help to pay for tire disposal


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Donald Merritt was walking on Old Savannah Road when he spotted it, an illegal dump of nearly two dozen tires.

“It’s disgusting they need to do something about it and cut all this down make it look pretty for the community,” Merritt said.

“What do the tires look like?”

“Junk,” he said.

That junk can really pile up.

The city holds 4 tire amnesty events a year to collect scrap tires.

But the city has to pay a private company to get rid of them so over the year it ends up costing thousands of dollars.

“It does, we currently pay about 90 dollars a ton to get rid of tires next year that number goes up to 150 dollars a ton so we need to do something to cover those costs,” said Lori Videtto, the Director Of Environmental Services.

With such a large tire problem, Augusta invited the Georgia EPD to town, and was told there’s a grant the city can apply for, this grant will pay the city’s costs for disposing of scrap tires.

“This money is coming out of the solid waste trust fund that’s money that landfills and other entities pay into the state every year they’ve allocated the money for this so we’re going to take advantage of the program,” said Videtto.

“It’s needed it’s needed for Augusta anyway,” said Merritt.

If approved the city plans to use the grants to recover the costs from the tire amnesty events like the one scheduled for this Saturday at the landfill, the city is not planning to use the money to pay to cleanup illegal tire dumps though that could happen in the future.

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