AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Drop The Dis/Augusta Podcasts and TranterGrey Media are teaming up to host another Augusta Rocks concert.

The show will feature live music from local artists and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Salvation Army’s Center of Hope.

“Well, it’s really exciting when somebody comes to you and they want to make a difference in this community. So, when people reach out and say ‘we’re going to do a concert to benefit the Salvation Army Center of Hope,’ I’m all in,” said Area Commander & Senior Kroc Officer, Maj. Douglas McClure.

“We’re talking about people that need this space and they’re in a time of need and especially coming out of the pandemic right now. This is a perfect time to put that money where it needs to be,” said Augusta Podcast co-founder, Chris Nabholz.

“We have a goal this year to raise $10,000 for the Center of Hope. We think that we can do at least half of that right here at this Augusta Rocks 2 event,” said Augusta Podcast Co-Founder, David Bash.

Last year, the concert was a small, private event; but this year, the event is open to the public and the Salvation Army is hoping to reach a new crowd of supporters.

“We’re hoping to reach out to a whole new demographic, which is sometimes difficult for the Salvation Army. We have really good supporters who have known about the Salvation Army for years. Doing these events gives us a chance to get in front of people who may not known us. We’re really hoping this event brings in, hopefully, twice as much as it did last time, which would be awesome because it really helps us provide those needs for the Center of Hope,” said McClure.

The event is taking place on Friday June 18th, for times and ticket prices CLICK HERE