Augusta neighborhood gets speed bumps, commissioners decide how to pay for it


AUGUSTA, GA. (WJBF)– Residents of Bellemeade Drive in Augusta say speeders treat their neighborhood like a dragstrip, causing accidents and damaging their property. Now Augusta commissioners are giving them the speedbumps they’ve been asking for.

“You see my mailbox there? The man came in and knocked it all over the driveway and everything,” Bellemeade resident, Emma Bass said.

“We had someone come by and he was speeding, he was a transport truck, and he was speeding and he hit the mailbox over there, yes he did, and knocked over part of the water meter” Bellemeade resident, Elizabeth Dunbar said.

Neighbors say they’re extra cautious checking the mail, and especially vigilant with their kids.

“That has been a concern of mine, small children,” Bellemeade resident, Sharon McClain said. “The speeding has been really bad.”

“Most times they come by and they don’t stop at that stop sign and they just keep going,” Dunbar said. “They’re always speeding. And if you see the car coming and you’re going to check the mailbox, you need to wait until the car passes by.”

“We have a few children and they have to stay in the backyard. Because if not, we don’t know what will happen,” Bass said.

To make the speed bumps a reality, Commissioner Bobby Williams (District 5) canvased the neighborhood asking for signatures in support of four new speed bumps.

“Getting the 75% was the hard part,” Commissioner Williams said. “But we got that done, and the commission agreed to it.”

Now with at least two/thirds of the neighborhood in support, they will be getting their speed bumps. But they come with a price tag. Tuesday, commissioners are scheduled to decide how to pay the $14 thousand bill.

“Right now, the folks on Bellemeade Drive have signed up and they’ve agreed to pay $35 once a year until it’s paid off, and that was a commitment they made to try and make the neighborhood a little better,” Commissioner Williams said.

But there are other ideas on the table that don’t involve residents paying out of pocket.

“It’s just one of those things that we have to discuss and figure out what we believe is the best road to take,” Commissioner Dennis Williams (District 2) said.

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