AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF)- There is a saying “ it takes a village to raise a child”

 Deidre Roberson is the founder of Mom, Moving Over Mountains Against Autism.

She’s hoping to gather that village in April, when she brings together moms across the CSRA for the first Autism Walk-a – thon at Lake Olmstead Park in Augusta.

“I put myself in a place where I can be resource to other parents because I know how it was when I first found out Marshall had autism I had nobody I didn’t know anything about it so I educated myself” said Deidre Roberson.

And it’s all for her son Marshall, a high school student at Laney High School, walking proudly through autism. Marshall’s favorite thing to do is cook.

“Cheese omelette sausage and cereal” said Marshall Middleton.

 Roberson wants people attending the walk to leave educated on autism and willing to support it.

 “The fact that they are supporting autism and for number two that they are there for the autism community here in Augusta because it’s a lot of autistic children here in Augusta that need that and resources that are needed for us” said Roberson.

Through her organization, she’s  helping to support moms with Autistic kids by sharing her knowledge  and advice.  

” stay prayed up and always remember it’s about your son your daughter it’s about the child you teach yourself as well as him learning I learn because he’s taught  me a lot on this journey as well” said Roberson.

The walk will take place at Lake Olmstead park April 2nd, starting at 9a.m.