Augusta man says trip to Falcons game is about more than just football for kids he mentors


An Augusta man has organized a trip to Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta for 20 kids and 20 adults to watch the Atlanta Falcons take on the Tennessee Titans on September 29th. He shared with NewsChannel 6 why the trip is about more than just football.

“We’ve got a charter bus going down there. We are leaving at about 9AM that morning and try to get up there with the kids just to see Atlanta because a lot of these kids have never seen a real live football game,” says Shabazz Ali, the founder of At Risk Youth.

They are asking the adults to pay the $40 for their ticket. The kids will go to the game for free.

“That’s what my non profit does. We try to help the inner city kids,” Ali explains.

Ali shares why he says this event is bigger than just a trip to a football game.

“What I mean by it’s bigger than football– It’s like a learning experience for these kids. Some of these kids really need this. Some of them don’t have a father in the home. Me and my partner, we sat down and we talked about it. We said, lets give these kids something fun to do when they go back to school. They’ll have a good experience that they can go back and share with their classmates, and to their teachers like I went to an Atlanta Falcons Football game and it was fun! So that’s a good experience for these kids,” Ali says.

He hopes the group comes back inspired.

“Leave the drugs alone. Leave the gangs alone. Stay in school. Get an education. Build your dreams. That’s my dream for them and these kids are special because these kids are the future. They can become lawyers, doctors, mentors like myself, they can have their own business like myself.”

Ali says the kids who are already signed up are beyond excited.

“They are ready to go now, but I told them they had to wait until September 29th.”

Below is the contact info for Shabazz Ali with At Risk Youth:

CLICK HERE to connect with him on Facebook.

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