Augusta looks at spraying vacant lots to slow growth

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Augusta, Ga (WJBF) You know blight costs the city of Augusta hundreds of thousands of dollars a year the city goes out and cites owners of overgrown lots the city mows overgrown lots now the suggestion their maybe better living through chemistry 

Overgrown lots, they are one of the problems the city’s blight subcommittee is trying to cut down to size. 

 It’s really disheartening when you’ve been singing this song of a long time but nobody seems to pay attention, we are meeting I’m just hoping something will come from the meeting that’s positive,” says Commissioner Marion Williams.  

The city cuts thousands of overgrown lots but a few weeks later they’re overgrown again. 

 But the commission hearing from County Extension Agent Campbell Vaughn who says spraying the lots could mean no need for mowers for months.  

“It might cost you a little more up front but in the long run its going to save you huge amounts of money it costs a lot more to run a piece of equipment then it does to do any of these spraying,” said Vaughn 

 “I don’t have a problem with it I think it would decrease the number of times we have to cut, said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.  

As for the blighted buildings, there are 500 in the pipeline for demolition commissioner Bill Fennoy has proposed using 15 million from the next sales to tear them all down, but based on the average much less would be needed. 

A lot of the complaints about blight go to Augusta’s 311 office the office this year getting almost 100 thousand calls however more than a third of those calls can’t get through the department director telling commissioners two or three new call takers would help in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6. 

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