Augusta looks at getting used bus shelters


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) Waiting for the bus could get a lot better for Augusta riders.

Most of the city’s 600 stops  do not have bus shelters, so riders are forced  to stand, waiting  in the rain, cold or heat.

Augusta transit officials are proposing getting 100 used bus shelters from Jacksonville Florida…

Jacksonville is getting new ones and doesn’t need them.

The  shelters would be free but the city would have to pay the costs to ship them, which would cost about 26 thousand dollars.

“We have seen these shelters they’re in extremely good condition again they are weathered a a little bit I didn’t see any of them that had a sign of corrosion or any of that we would take them and simply come back refurbish them and they’ll be like new again,” says Transit Director Pat Stephens.

In the last sales tax vote,650 thousand dollars was approved for bus shelters,

Those funds would be used to pay to ship the bus shelters…and to do any work on refurbishing them.

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