AUGUSTA, Ga., (WJBF) – Augusta city leader, getting a jump on this year’s budget discussions as city leaders learn of a looming jump in city property values. 

“I think that’s great news for those who want to sell their houses or for those who own property in Richmond County, that’s the good news, it’s the unfortunate news those with increased assessments it’s going to be an increased tax bill,” said Mayor Garnett Johnson.  

 In 2022 there was a massive revaluation of properties in Augusta with an average increase of 18 percent.  

 And the Chief Appraiser saying it looks like a repeat this year.  

“I think last year’s digest movements and value changes are a good benchmark for what we can see in the current year,” said Richmond County Chief Appraiser Scott Roundtree.  

“18 percent?” 
“Potentially yeah,” said Roundtree.  

Commissioners have been told to expect another increase in property values.  

”It seems like yesterday when we were going over this last year, I mean I got so many calls from my constituents,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight. 

“With last year’s massive reevaluations commissioners voted to roll back tax rates to offset the impact of the higher values, costing hundreds of thousands of tax dollars but with rescue act money running out will commissioners be able to roll back the rate this year? 

 “Roll back or no roll back?”  

“Looking at both, we need to weigh the options on what is  we just have to wait and see, and we do it collectively,” said Commissioner Francine Scott.  

 “We’re hearing from some we can’t roll back I support that we definitely need to roll back,” said Commissioner McKnight.  

“I’m in support of potentially looking at what we did last year another roll back that supports the citizens of Augusta Richmond County,” said Mayor Johnson.  

 Many of whom will be getting notices that their property values are going way up again, but we will see if their tax bills do as well.  

in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.