Augusta leaders tour Riverwalk see problems and potential


AUGUSTA,Ga  (WJBF) Mayor Davis and city leaders, walking the walk and talking the talk, about the Riverwalk.

‘If we want our city to be a destination a place of choice what simple things can we do to enhance it and I think that’s today’s conversation,” said Mayor Davis.

The Mayor was leading a   tour of the popular park.

After 29 years there are maintenance issues for sure but the mayor also says potential for future growth….

“We can talk about what needs to get done and that’s important let’s also talk about the possibilities, said Mayor Davis.

Possibilities like expanding the gift shop, maybe a bike rental business or possibly a Riverwalk restaurant once the park is up to par.

“We have a few cosmetic issues that we need to take care of what I see are lots of opportunities that are not being taken advantage off,” says Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

But other city leaders see the problems of cracked bricks and concrete, graffiti and other maintenance issues at the park as more than cosmetic, but as real problems that need solving before the city should consider anything else at Riverwalk.

“Absolutely we don’t need to be focusing on new things we got electrical things that you saw we got trees that need to come down we got stumps we got bricks that need to be fixed let’s fix what we already have,” says Commissioner Sean Frantom.

“Now that we’re here let’s do something about it, it’s one thing to identify what needs to be fixed and resolved it’s another thing to do something about it I can assure you we’re going to do something about it,” said Mayor Davis.

If commissioner want to make repairs to Riverwalk four million dollars was approved in SPLOST seven for hiking and biking trails and Riverwalk expansions enhancements, but one change has already happened here remember we told you about the flag display at the park that still showed the old Georgia state flag and the confederate banner that have been gone from the park for a dozen years well the plaque as you can see has been removed.

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