Augusta leaders differ response to equipment misuse


AUGUSTA,Ga (WJBF) For one commissioner, city workers need to use their city equipment on city jobs on city property, and not on private property in some other country.

“I felt the commission had a chance to send a message to the community and to all of our employees that taking equipment taking anything that belongs to the city is a no go,” said Commissioner Sean Frantom.

At last week’s commission meeting Commissioner Frantom try to  add a motion requiring all employees to sign a statement acknowledging that using city equipment for personal use was against the rules., even though that’s already stated in the policy manual.

‘It’s buried in there let’s put it to the forefront to show them we’re going to be watching this morning forward,” said Commissioner Frantom.

But instead of voting on the measure, it was sent back to committee instead.

“There was a lot of tension at the time you had the sheriff’s investigation you had the grand jury doing their probe and one of my colleagues asked for a GBI investigation so I feel we needed time for cooler heads to prevail,” said Commissioner Andrew Jefferson.

“We could have sent a strong message to the community that we’re not going to tolerate this that’s why I tried to get it on the agenda,” said Frantom.

Commissioner Ben Hasan was the key vote to keeping the item off last week’s agenda

“I think it’s a non-issue I think it’s a nonstarter because they already know that we minimize what we are in the midst of as if our staff doesn’t already know this yet I don’t think it’s good it’s like you are pandering to the public like you are getting something done but there isn’t a staff here in Augusta Richmond County that’s know you can’t do that,” said Commissioner Hasan.

Frantom will get the chance to reintroduce the measure at next week’s committee meetings, but Commissioner Ben Hasan says he hopes it just goes away.

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