Augusta hospitals prepare to help those escaping the coast


Augusta hospitals are preparing to help those evacuating from the Georgia and South Carolina coasts. Some patients have already been transported to receive care in our medical community.

Four little babies came from the NICU in Savannah. The infants are now being treated at the Children’s Hospital of Georgia. Augusta hospitals tell us that they are ready to take in more patients from coastal cities if needed.

AU Emergency Management Director Joe Webber says the real planning happens on blue sky days so when the gray skies come, they are ready.

“We know that bad things are going to happen and we need to be in a position to respond effectively to those bad things when they do,” Webber explains.

AUMC sends personnel to the shelters to treat those who were forced to leave their homes and routines.

“In order to keep them from having to come to the hospital to receive that additional care. We have medical doctors that go to the shelters, we have pharmacists, we have nursing staff. We have a lot of our nursing students,” Webber points out.

As for Augusta University students– as of Monday, classes are scheduled to happen per usual the first week of September.

“We are not anticipating a whole lot of negative impacts as far as the weather here, but we are asking the students who have signed up to be apart of the medical reserve corps to come out and help us out,” Webber says.

The hospital at Augusta University prepares to take in more critical patients coastal hospitals need to evacuate them.

“We’ve actually been in contact several times coordinating patient flow, making sure that people who are in the most need of care are able to access that care and we can provide that care for them,” Webber explains.

Over at Doctors Hospital, they have not taken any evacuees yet, but they have in years previous and they are ready now.

Medical Director of Emergency Services at Doctors Hospital, Dr. Thomas Zickgraf sent us the following quote:

“We prepare and practice for emergencies year round so that we can be ready to support our community during major weather events like Hurricane Dorian. Our ER and Trauma teams are specially-trained to care for all types of emergencies. Right now, we are actively working with our HCA Healthcare sister hospitals along the Florida and Georgia coast to help support them. We expect that over the course of the week, we will likely have many evacuees from these coastal communities and may need to provide care for transferred patients from hospitals along the coast.”

Dr. Thomas Zickgraf; Medical Director of Emergency Services at Doctors Hospital

Some of you with medial appointments this week might be wondering what is the status on those? Both AUMC and Doctor’s Hospital tells us that as of Monday, it is be business as usual for those appointments.

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