AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- The hard work has paid off.

After two years of construction, the community coming together to celebrate the new and improved gym at the Augusta Dream Center.

“And so if you would’ve seen the gym prior to this day we had leaky roofs and just a really old court but yeah we had a lot of dreams and a lot of vision”  Kellie Cardona, Director of the Augusta Dream Center.

The new gym will bring sporting activates for young adults.  It will also be a place to learn life skills. 

“ you know when you think about the crime and the violence and stuff if kids just have somewhere they can go and hang out, A lot of times I feel like that’s half the battle” said Cardona.

“ we’re not only here to celebrate what’s been done, we’re here to dedicate, we’re here to dedicate this room to a power that’s greater than all of us” said Pastor Marty Baker, Stevens Creek Church.

The Dream Center is known for its back to school drives, and its work to make sure kids have presents at Christmas.

And now, a brand new way to connect with this part of Richmond County.

“Now the south  Augusta  community has a nice newly renovated gym that’s air-conditioned  and we’re making a commitment to make this gym available to the community so we can make it positive impact” said Cardona.

Visit the Augusta Dream Center website for more information.