AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- Commissioner Jordan Johnson standing in the Sand Hills community center listening to the concerns and needs of those living in district 1.

From concerns of unpaved streets, taxes and other issues – people came with questions and to see what could be done. Johnson says as a commissioner he’s doing his best to achieve the needs of each person living in his district .

But first giving people the opportunity to speak about them during a week long community meet up.

Well I mean when you look at a neighborhood like sand hills I mean it paints a picture across the district and so issues with blight issues with revitalization  and of course the recent uptick in property values I think that’s just something we’re going  to have to have a conversation about” said District 1 Commissioner Jordan Johnson.

Even those living in other districts came to the town hall meeting to discuss  their concerns.

“Well I just hope the commissioners when it comes time to set the millage rate will lower the mileage rate because the property assessments have gone way too high” ,said Tom Tinley.

Crime and violence  happening in the city of Augusta  was a big  discussion during the meeting, Johnson says it would take more leaders to fix the problem.

“in order to get ahead of the crime situation that we’re seeing in the community we’re going to have to pull on community leaders we’re going to have to pull on nonprofits the government is going to have to take a front seat to this issue because at the end of the day it is our problem it is our concern “ said Johnson.

List of District 1 town hall meeting locations and times:

TUESDAY, JULY 5th- St Luke United Methodist Church – 6:00pm / 309 Crawford Ave, Augusta, GA 30904

WEDNESDAY, JULY 6th- Eastview Community Center – 6:00pm / 644 Aiken St, Augusta, GA 30901

THURSDAY, JULY 7th- Antioch Baptist Church – 6:00pm / 1454 Florence St, Augusta, GA 30901

FRIDAY, July 8th- The Book Tavern – 6:00pm / 978 Broad St, Augusta, GA 30901