Augusta, Ga. (WJBF) – With no city computer system times are “rough” at the Ruffin Courthouse, with new procedures needed for court rulings. 

 “I communicated documents that I had drafted by taking the document printing it on my printer putting it on the desktop taking a photograph of it and sending it by an “I” message,” said Chief Judge Danny Craig.  

 Bond hearings are one responsibility being hampered by the loss of the computer system, the hearings are required and needed to get people released from the Webster Detention Center.  

It’s something Mayor Garnett Jonson says he heard a number of complaints about since the computers crashed.   

“It was a concern our democracy states you are allowed to have bond thanks to our IT (Information Technology) department and Judge Danny Craig we put a process in place,” said the mayor.  

 Judge Craig went to the jail Friday and held 40 hearings; he says a little more than half were granted bond. 

“The rest of them I could not order bonds because I did not have access to enough information,” said Judge Craig.  

 Judge Craig says the computer outage could be seen by some as a reason to take time off from court business, but Craig says the opposite needs to be the case. 

“This is not an opportunity to take time off indeed this is a time to dedicate more time to see to it that the job is done at the same efficiency level that we have done it in the past and without the benefit of a computer,” said the Chief Judge. 

And Judge Craig will be making that case as long as this cyber-attack goes on.

In Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.